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watchingthedefectives:  I was watching the new Comedy Central show "The Meltdown" and in the opening credits the camera follows someone waiting in line wearing a jacket with your Princess Mononoke patch on the back! Just thought I'd tell you it's super cool.

Thats so cooooool!
I wish I could find that video so I could seeeee!!!! 

pls donate to my weed fund tonight friends

im sick

i keep reading things and seeing that are unintentionally really validating and it feels nice 

Back in Peterborough, Ontario ever so briefly to get my shit together and hangout and say my good byes. Then back through the provinces on my way to Dawson City, Yukon with my lovely friends in Owl and Antler and Fish Food!

Get in touch if you want to hangout with us in the next couple weeks

Places to crash or busk are also good to know <33 

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